Export AR

My respect to you my friends :wave:. I have a query, how can I show the glass as a glass that has a luster on AR or is transparent in the display USDZ.

You export is as obj to the JigSpace app

Thank you I will try it :pray:

app is the opposite of what I wanted to know. :roll_eyes:

Right now there just isn’t any apps that provide good options for AR materials.

Jigspace does provide AR view and glass materials. It doesn’t export as USDZ though.
The freemium is also a bit restricted. I also don’t enjoythe app. The UX / UI is alot better in shapr3d and Cadmio.


Thank you for your efforts. I was hoping that the presentation would be in shapr3D and this problem would be solved. It would be an integrated program that has the ability to emulate giant programs and there is no need to add other expenses to other programs. :money_mouth_face:.