Export options windows

why ist there no option on windows to export image of my object? I can’t ever do a screen shot becose it won’t me allow it, or just go an minimize it self. I’m subscribed to standard btw

Export options (including screenshots) are indeed missing from the Windows version – we are working on them and they’ll be added early next year. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Other methods to take screenshots (eg. the XBox Game Bar, Snipper Tool or anything else) should work though, even though the controls would be visible on the screen. Does that not work for you? What happens when you try that?

it does not work if the program is on full screen, then just minimize it when I klick an sniping tool. but if it not on full screen it works. I’ve found that yesterday after few days of trying :sweat_smile:

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Wow, we never experienced that, it’s great that you figured it out. We’ll check with our Microsoft contacts about what’s going on there – we’ve seen similar issues with video recording via the XBox Game Bar, but never with static screenshots.

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Do you mean the keyboard “stamp” button does not save the content of the Shapr full screen? It does for me.