How to export an image whilst keeping the outlines on in Windows?

I asked this question on the Facebook group a couple of months ago but never received an answer. On the iPad, when you export an image (or screenshot) it gives you the option of editing the scene by removing the outlines, or being able to leave them in for my needs, as well as the grid.

How do you do this on Windows? I can only seem to export an image from the visualisation section which isn’t what I want.

Hi! Unfortunately, that exact same functionality is not available on Windows yet. We are working on bringing it over to that platform, too. The reason it’s taking a bit longer is that we’d like to unify the experience of Visualization and such more technical screenshot exports to make things more straightforward and that takes some time.

Thanks for getting back to me mate. I’ll continue to move across to the iPad in the meantime when I need this functionality.

Any news on this coming to Windows yet? Moving between iPad and laptop is driving me nuts for the sake of exporting images.

I don’t understand how this seems to be the only function that isn’t available on all platforms.

I am sorry that this causes such extra steps and frustration for you. It is still relatively high on our backlog of planned improvements but I unfortunately don’t have a release date I could commit to.

It’s not extra steps it’s extra hardware. I have no intention of replacing my iPad going forward, so if it bites the dust, I’ll have to stop using Shapr3D completely.