Exporting screenshot of section view

Hello - I am trying to export a screenshot of a section view.

Windows desktop version of software.

When I try to use the image export tool, it turns on visualization, which turns off my section view.

Any input?

If you just need a screenshot, you might be able to use a “standard” tool. On the Mac, you can easily get a full screenshot, a specific window, or a user selected area of any desired application. Perhaps Windows has the same feature built-in. If not, there are probably 3rd party programs to do it which shouldn’t be too expensive.

I agree that a basic screenshot could do however by using Shapr3D’s export image, one can hide the grid and body edges as shown below which is easily done on the iPad Pro. Here’s a section view of a funnel for resin 3D printing. @Coffeecup has a valid request.

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Good to know. Guess I should have actually tried it before giving advice :blush:

Works the same on a Mac. Hopefully, the Windows version does too.

Anyhow, always good to learn something new. Thanks

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Hey, I’m always learning something new around here too!

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I requested this feature over a year ago. I have to open files on my iPad just to take a screenshot and then send it back to myself. It’s annoying.

Ah, okay, so it sounds like a feature missing from the Windows version.

Thank you all for the input.