Export to a 3D Viewer

Hi there!

Does anyone know if a model can be exported to an intermediate format (e.g. STEP) and from there to a multi platform viewer (Android, iOS, Mac, Win, Linux, etc.) or another format where a customer can zoom, rotate and navigate the model?

Use case: I want to share the model with a customer that doesn’t have an iPad Pro and cannot install Shapr3D, or does not have the expertise. Like a free 3D viewer that is available on most platforms.

TIA for any ideas and/or pointers.

Hi Alejandro,

Yes, you can export to STEP and other formats: https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004073614-Exporting-CAD-files-Compatibility

Thanks but the question was more on the viewer.

Try the 3D PDF Reader from the Tech Soft. Its works with Dropbox, and available in the App Store, and Google store. (Unfortunetly so far updates, but it is work)