Export with sub-objects/bodies in single file

Hey there, new to the app. Really comfortable experience! I made a simple object with two separate pieces, and I’m trying to export a .STL or .STEP file. That all works fine, but the resulting file is a single mesh, with the bodies not separated. I understand I can export as individual bodies into a zip file, and OBJ supports sub-objects in a single file. Is there any way to achieve this with STEP files?

Hi, thanks for reaching out. For the STEP format, the design is exported as a single body.
The current way around will be to export as individual bodies in a zip folder.

Ok, thanks @Victor_Shapr3D. Are there any plans to allow for exporting bodies/sub-objects in a single STEP file? It seems like not having it limits the power of STEP as a transport format considerably.

Hi Victor,

I have exported several bodies in my workspace as a single STEP file to my iMac via AirDrop. I can then create a new Shapr3D workspace and import that STEP file. All bodies within the file are intact and separate. Mesh bodies however cannot be exported as a STEP file. Am I missing something from the discussion above?

Note: upon STEP file import (the one I created initially), all bodies are in a ‘private’ folder inside the main folder. I can then relocate the bodies out of the folders so that the folders are empty. I cannot delete the folders. The Delete button is not available. My work around is to draw a line somewhere and click on it. The Delete button appears and then I can select the STEP folder to delete it as well. I hope this wasn’t too confusing. Let me know your thoughts about this. This might be a bug.

Regards, Mike

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Hi Mike, thanks for sharing the feedback. I did some testing and you are correct.

It seems like this also depends on the CAD tool the design is being imported from and also if it was directly from converted from a native file to a STEP file. Thanks again for sharing this.

Hi @greenlig, you are welcome :slight_smile: We will further look into this.
To help our investigations, please tell me the CAD tool you are importing the design from and did you create the design entirely in the tool?

Much appreciated @Victor_Shapr3D. I made the model entirely in Shapr, exported as STEP into JigSpace :+1:

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