Export separate bodies in folder

How can I export all bodies without having to bring the bodies out of their folders. It destroys my organization in the Shapr3d file.

Can anyone help me with this?


Not sure if I understand your question correctly, but from what I read it seems you want to export some parts to a folder, to then re-import for another project?

Select the parts you wish to export, then hit the button, as shown, to export the selected drawing parts. The software will guide you you through what system extensions you wish to use. Select the folder and then prepare for re-import.
*Hopefully the snapshot works.



Ah, that did it! Thanks for the easy solution!

Okay, So this doesnt work. I want to organize my parts in folders and export certain folders. When i do that it only exports as a single STL and not multiple selected parts. Isolation mode does not work either. Is there really no solution to exporting folders to 3d print?

Can you possibly try to isolate the items you wish to work on? Then save to a folder on your computer.
From here re-import. All of the items should be in one separate folder.
Continue this process till you have your folders organized the way you want.
But possibly adding all the sub items into separate folders would be the same thing.
Possibly I have what you are needing completely wrong, and if this is the case please ignore my reply.


I believe we are misunderstanding each other. I don’t need to export bodies to import them into another shapr3d project. What I am trying to do is, within a Shapr3d project with grouped (foldered) bodies, export the grouped (foldered) bodies into individual STLs for 3d printing. If I isolate the group (folder) the bodies export as one STL regardless of any isolation or selection of bodies. I need individual STLs for each body selected. So, for example:

Shapr3d Project

Folder 1

  • Body 1
  • Body 2

Folder 2

  • Body 3
  • Body 4

In the above project I want to simply select ‘Folder 1’ and export Body 1 and Body 2 to individual and separate STLs for 3d printing. If I select and isolate while they are in Folder 1 only one STL is generated as both bodies are not considered “1st level” so they are merged into one STL. Why can’t I simply click the folder and ask Shapr3d to export the bodies as individual STLs?

I can do the following, similar to your Folder 1 then Body 2 or Body 1 then Folder 2. But possibly I might have your point misunderstood, as mentioned earlier.

I just tested this and surprised to see that it groups the STLs into single files.

I guess the workaround would be to copy the parts and place them at the top (or bottom) of your list and then isolate and export, clicking the button to save first line items separately. You could then delete those models.