Export zigzag shape

Hi Shapr3D community,

I’m slowly getting the hang of this, but can’t seem to wrap my head around this export issue.

The situation
Three layers: (1) inner, (2) middle, and (3) zigzag. The latter doesn’t seem to be connected to layers 1 and 2, prompting the following error when exporting to 3MF: There are invalid bodies in the model that can’t be exported.

When hiding layer 3 and exporting layers 1 and 2, no problemo.

What am I doing wrong?

I can’t think of - nor find one online - a better way to create an outer zigzag line. The attached screenshots are step 1. Later on, I’d like to also increase the depth of the zigzags halfway up the object.

Help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Does export work if you expand body 2 so it touches the zigzag part?

Thanks for your reply, @Stephen

Well, I’ve sketched body 3 (zigzag) with the spine-tool, connecting it directly to body 2 (middle). I assumed the extruded bodies connected as well.

Following up on your question, I’ve obviously connected body 2 to body 3. Unfortunately, I get the same issue when trying to export to 3MF. Screenshot B

If there is a better way to create this zigzag pattern, whilst sticking to three layers, I’m very much open to trying that.

Hi @nets ,
Can you attach/upload your .shapr file?