Unable to export file

Hello, I’m really new to 3D designing and finally figured out how to make what I wanted to but now I want to export the file so I can print it but I keep getting “unable to export file” notifications.
Does anyone know what I might have done wrong? I used the union and mirror but the second time I split body to mirror that also didn’t work.
Here’s a screenshot of the design I want to save as STL or 3MF. I do use the pro version and was able to save a few previous designs without problems.
Thanks, Bianca


Nice design!

Hi Bianca, I’m very sorry to hear that. Can you contact our support@shapr3d.com team? They will help you resolve the issue.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi Istvan, I just sent them an email. Thanks for your reply,

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Hi, @T2grl! Thanks for sharing the workspace! Possibly during the deformation of the upper faces, some errors appeared along the upper part of the wing shape. The main issue is located on the right side, which is the one that causes the unsuccessful export, but there are some other problems on the left side tool.

I’m not sure how those bumpy surfaces were made, but I think they are the result of some edge transformation with the Move/Rotate tool. Please keep in mind that this is an awesome trick, but leaves a spacious room for errors.

Thank you so much for your reply and explanation :smiley:
I hope I can still fix this.
I Will give it a try and keep practicing