Exporting to Autocad LT?

I modeled a piece of furniture in Shapr3D, and was asked by a manufacturer if I could provide them the raw files in a format that they could open in Autocad LT. I sent them a .step and a .3mf version, but apparently none of those work.

What’s the best format to export from Shapr3D and that can be opened by something like Autocad LT?

Hey @cstromme
AutoCAD LT only supports 2D drawings.
You would have to create a drawing from your design in Shapr3D with the necessary views and export it to .dwg or .dxf format.

Is there a good guide for creating drawings from a design?

Yes, please check it here: https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/7874466328348-2D-Drawings