Thank you, I have a question about exporting a file. When I export a file to a cnc program or a 3D printer my designs aren’t coming out to scale, I always have to scale them up to there correct size. I’m I doing something wrong when exporting files?




The STL files are essentially unit less. So we need to choose the correct units, which we designed to, when using CNC, 3D printing, etc. You’re not doing anything wrong.

Hi Chad, Just as MCD mentioned please export and import the part in matching units preferabbly in Metres or MM.
Export the design in MM/Metres from the app
Then set the unit in the CNC slicer app to MM/Metres before importing the design. Kindly give this a try and let us know if the issue persists.

Victor, Chad

I design in inches on S3D, and export as such. But when I import into the various slicers, I then choose mm, as that is what seems to be the default units of S3D. When I choose mm during import, I have zero issues.


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Hi Tom,

I too work in inches. For 3D printing, I export the STL in mm. Never had an issue with either Prusaslicer or Simplify3D.


Off topic here but what do you prefer TigerMike? Prusaslicer or Simplify3d?

Hi Jel111

I use Simply3D with my Lulzbot TAZ 6 and am quite happy with that. I love the way supports can be totally customized, and, are relatively easy to remove from 3D prints. S3D’s preview window is outstanding.

I use Prusaslicer with my Prusa MK3s and like very much how well it is integrated as, what I would call, a turnkey system. The features equal and in some areas surpass Simplify3D except for ‘supports’ in my opinion.

One of these days I will make a Prusaslicer printer profile for the TAZ 6 and test it out. I have about 1.5 years experience with 3D printing (thanks to Shapr3D) and consider myself an intermediate+ user.

Now to answer your question- Personally, I would give a slight edge to Prusaslicer. I’m waiting to see what the paid upgrade for Simplfy3D has to offer, if and whenever it gets released.
BTW, love your teeth :slight_smile:

Regards, Mike

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I have an old Lulzbot AO 101 that I couldn’t get to work. I struggled greatly and then broke down and bought S3D and voila the printer works great! I then picked up an Ender 3 and now use that for most things, it’s a great printer. No mods just stock. I am thinking of picking up a Prusa MK3s if I can find one used around here one day.