Size of export differs from model

Hey there,

first of all, thanks a lot for providing this amazing app :slight_smile:

I got one problem though.
The model, once exported, is 10x smaller than i modelled it, when i import it into the slicer for 3d-printing.

It doesn’t matter if i model it on a cm or mm grid. If i make it 5 cm wide, it’s 5mm in the STL file.
If i scale it up by the factor 10 beforehand, making it 50cm wide in shapr, it is 5cm in the slicer.

I can fix it by scaling it up later too, but it would be more convenient if the actual measures were correct to begin with.

Do you have a tip what i’m doing wrong or is there a bug in the export format?

Thanks in advance,


STL does not contain unit information. That means if your workspace is set to inches, and you create a 1x1x1 inch cube, if you load it to your slicer, it will interpret it as a 1x1x1 mm cube. Because STL format is crap. Never meant to be an input format. Really sad that 3d printing does not have a decent mesh format. So the solution is to scale your model once you loaded it to the slicer. Or set the units to mm in Shapr.