Extrude along a path? From a 3D studio users mind

So, I’ve done a lot of 3D in the past and studio max was my favourite as it was more of a modelling platform, eg create a shape then edit into what you want. So shapr seems the ideal tool for use on my ipad as its very similar in so many ways.

I’m just trying to get my head around a few things, as with all software, there are similar things but different names and methods.

So my problem is

I’m creating a 3D groove for creating 3D printed neon signs, i have a shape i want to extrude along a series of paths.
I drew both paths in illustrate and imported and .dxf, all good

But for the life of me i cant seem to get the object to follow the path in a channel, i gather its the sweep tool i need?

i just get an error, or if it does work, the shape it creates isn’t along the path and the shape isn’t following the path, eg turning as it goes, isn’t just all wrong!

Help! Am i being too over ambitious? I thought its would be simple as this is a method i use loads!!!

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Importing your sketches seems to be a good solution, but please note that you will have way more control points defining your curves than you will probably need. This can slow down your workflow, I would advise creating the sketches is Shapr3D too.
Regarding following a path I think I get the idea, but some more info or a .SHAPR file would be helpful for us :slight_smile: Please attach them if it is possible. Until that, here are the two tools which I would use in your case:

Hi, I’ve watched so many tutorials! :slight_smile: their superb, but i think I’m missing something obvious!

Ive saved the file but it says new users cant upload, can i email it to you guys?

Sure, we are waiting for it on support@shapr3d.com :wink:

Sent! It’s progressed a little, but not much! Ive added the errors I’m getting too