Extrude dwg

I just use shapr3D, don’t know why I I select a part of my sketch to extrude the rest of the draw will disappear
Is it my dwg file have some bug?
Thanks a lot

Sketches get hidden automatically after you extruded them. You can unhide them in the items menu.

It seems this is a new feature. It would be helpful to have a way to toggle this functionality off. After updating after a long while of using the same, stable, release, I was confused for a good ten minutes until I realized what had happened. To have to go over and unhide each and every one adds time and waste to the design process.

Is there not a way to completely disable the functionality altogether? As I understand it, the eventual or conditional hiding of the sketch is still unavoidable. Perhaps I want to extrude multiple different sets of pieces from one sketch - extrude all faces, move the bodies, then extrude more at a different length.

“The Extrude tool now only automatically hides sketches in the Items Manager if all edges in the sketch are used in the extrude command, making it easier to create multiple extrusions from the same sketch.”

I realize some may see value in it but this addition of a new feature without the ability to opt out of it entirely is very frustrating. It’s effectively telling someone “this is how you will now use this”.

Fundamentally, it makes the program less intuitive, which has been one of its major selling points over the years.

As someone who has financially supported the development of this app and used it in the former edition for quite some time and never felt it to be a need, I feel it’s a legitimate ask to have the option to retain that functionality.

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