Extrude to plane

Is it possible to extrude an object to a plane?


  1. sketch a closed shape
  2. create a plane parallel to your sketch, with an offset between them
  3. extrude the sketch towards the plane
  4. select Extent: To Object in the history, and then click Select under the Object
  5. attempt to select the plane as the extent

It doesn’t seem to register the click at all.

My use case is this: I’m designing a case with shelves. I extrude one side, and then create a centerline plane parallel to the side about which I’m going to mirror the side and shelves (the distance between the side and this plane is half the overall case width). I sketch the shelves on the side, because I’m using boolean subtract to cut mortises from the tenons on the end of the shelves into the side. I’d then like to extrude the shelves to the centerline plane (forming half a shelf) so when I later mirror everything over that plane, they form continuous pieces. I’m doing it this way because I don’t want to have to re-sketch the tenons on each end of the shelves (which I believe I would have to do if I instead mirrored the side first and then extruded the shelf to the opposite side). Perhaps there’s a better way to accomplish this workflow? I’m very new to this software. Thanks!

Hi @rmeador , this is a bug that we’ve just fixed. The fix will be available in the next release.

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I can confirm this is working in the latest beta. Thank you!