Extruded problem

Hello guys, I already use a free version but i can’t extruded any face , it’s that problem because I use a free version?! , pls gave me some help

You have to press and drag with the Apple Pencil. Are you using an Apple Pencil?

Yes I used it , when the pen touch the screen it’s don’t make anything only draws line

Press and drag. Apply force on the pencil. You can test the required force in the tutorial.

Hi, press the pencil until you hear a clicking sound and a yellow bidirectional arrow appears. If you find that the needed pressure is too much, you can change it to a lower setting in the menu in the bottom right corner.

I’m going to chime in here because as a newbie used to other software I had similar issues. You can only extrude when you see the “yellow” auto fill on an outline or you are selecting the face of a solid. You might need to change your plane until you see this. I was used to software that would extrude perpendicular to ANY outline and for the longest time could not get extrusions on shapr3d.