Extruding tube from circles (jagged edges)

Hello. When I sketch two circles and the extrude a tall tube the edges a starting to be badly jagged…
Using latest mac version. Do this happen in other versions too?? Am I doing the tube wrongly? These jagged edges are show stoppers… Please let me know if you have a solution… Cheers!

That’s just a visualization issue, the underlying geometry is accurate. However, most likely it should not happen, unless you have a lot of geometry in your workspace (thousands or tens of thousands of bodies). What’s the size of this cylinder?

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OK, good to know :slight_smile:

I made clean one on new blank design :slight_smile: So it must have something to do with memory or such.
The original machine is getting quite large - about 1500 bodies for now. Mac opens so fast I cant see it counting… But when I create a new body I can see the amount…

Cylinder is much better when smaller but extruding it to one meter it get more jagged like this…

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That’s a bit odd, and we’ll look into it. If you could send the design to our support@shapr3d.com team, that would be super helpful.

I have taken a good look at it, and indeed, the geometry is intact.

The reason why it seems to be jagged is that the cylinder’s edges get simplified with an adaptive tolerance. I spoke with the kernel team who confirmed to me, that the boundary box (Imagine a box around the body) is really large, compared to the diameter of the cylinder.

When the boundary box is smaller, the relative diameter is higher, which makes it more circular. Keep in mind, that the edge of the cylinder is still a circle, as I have selected it, and it shows its diameter on the bottom of the screen.

To double-check, I have projected the edge to a temporary construction plane above it. I have attached an image, showing the selected edge, as well as the projected edge, proving the cylindrical nature.

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OK, so my exports to animators will be fine then??

Thank you Sebestien and Istvan. I really <3 Shapr3D, thank you for your hard work. Keep up the pace!!!

Absolutely! The topologies and the geometries are defining a cylinder in the exported file as well.

Therefore, if you are exporting it as a Solid body model, such as STEP or X_T, upon importing it to the animation software, the edge of the cylinder will be represented as a circle.

Keep in mind, that if the animators would like to have an STL file for rendering, the exporting settings should be set to high-quality STL export, as it creates a mesh body out of your solid bodies which means it will have to be triangulated.