Issues with Rough Edges on Extruded Objects

Hello - I am working on some parts for a boat design and I am having some issues with a rough edge when I really zoom in - almost like the resolution of the extrusion created from a sketch is low enough that when I really zoom in I get a rough/choppy edge

I thought this might be because I used the spline tool to get the shape, so I re-did it with the ellipse tool (which cannot produce the shape I want, but it was merely a test) and I got the same issue.

Then I was thinking that it was due to how large this drawing is (the piece in the drawing is 26 feet long). So I drew a smaller piece of about 12" x 9" with radiuses and lines (no splines), extruded it and cut it on my CNC machine (using MESHCAM to generate g-code). I got the choppy lines again and it actually translated to the cut of the piece. When I zoom in on that smaller extruded object I am seeing the same issue, just not as pronounced.

Is this just the nature of the program, or is there some sort of process I can change in how I am drawing objects to resolve this? Maybe a setting I can change?

Thank you in advance for any input! I’ll attach screenshots for reference.


I was only able to attach the one close up screenshot showing the choppy edge, I will attach another to this post of the entire object so folks can get an idea of it’s size and general shape.