Extrusion impossible on a closed sketch blue filled

I imported a very simple sketch from dwg. It appears with a blue fill but it cannot be extruded. It raises an error.
Lines are closed and the blue fill propose the up arrow for extrusion.
When I drag the up arrow it gets red and fails(with alert message)
Any ideas about this issue?

There may be some inaccuracy in the drawing which is easy to fix in most cases. It can be just a tiny loop or an intersection that causes a zero-thickness issue after extrusion.
I’ve updated your member status, please upload the DWG here, or send us in a support ticket, we are here to check!

Hi here’s the file. Cannot find the gap back in illustrator. any advice welcome. May be a continuity inspector inside your app could be a good feature in the future.
here’s a link dot dl as I cannot directly upload a dwg
my file

Yeah, that would help a bit, but many times continuity is not the main issue. For some reason, 2D vector software tends to convert DXF and DWG files in a strange way. Symmetrical shapes got asymmetrical in control points and tiny spline glitches appear at random places like control points that cover each other and so on. As we have to deal with the result of the conversion without knowing the original shape, it is not that simple to filter out these unintentional errors from details that should remain in the model.

As you’ll see in the video, I started to slice up the cross-section and it turned out that one corner affects the whole extrusion. After moving a control point away, the extrusion works fine:

Hi there, thanks for your reactivity, now I’ve a way to check the continuity location. I’ll work this out.
Speaking about DWG glitches, what would be the best way to exports file from illustrator to shapr3D…if you have any clue about this?

At the moment I cannot advise a better format, tweaking the export settings may help a bit.

I’ll try to tweak the exports settings from Illustrator and publish in this thread the configuration of my best attempt.

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