Import design as dxf

.Inside a imported dxf file i could not extrude all elements. I have no Idea what the reason could be and what I have to do.
Thank you for your help.
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Please check this thread, there is a good way there how to find the problematic part:

Thank you, for your try . But i imported my designfrom

Corel Draw. I delete some nodes from the right object. But there is no differenz. The only explanation i could emagine is that the lines or not strait. There may be a problem for the extrusion of the object.

Problem 2
Thank you form helping

Cutting up the sketch, shown in the video in the other topic could help identifying the problematic part.

From my past experience with CorelDraw, XaraDesigner, and other 2D apps is that holes often affect the “direction” of its node-path relative to the direction of the node-path of the shape (loop) surrounding it. This can foul up the DXF export.

If a loop is drawn manually, the two end-nodes of the path that overlap one another may be not properly “joined” to form a single node. The shape can appear to be closed and may even be given a fill but will produces a poor export. To troubleshoot, I found that selecting a node in a path and using the tab key or arrow keys to advance to the next node can locate a gap . . . alternatively use the End or Home keys to find a gap. Also, splitting a node and then rejoining them may repair the entire path and fix the export. It just depends upon the 2D app.

Finally, many times I have found that DWG export works better than DXF.