Face masks- stop covid19

hello everyone we are living very difficult moments right now! and all help is little! I would like to put my granite and show you my prototype mask using Shapr3D and my 3D printer the material used is tpu flexifle.
When I have finished I will put all the files for your free use!

greetings to all

hola a todos estamos viviendo momentos muy difíciles en estos momentos! y toda ayuda es poca! me gustaria poner mi granito y mostraros mi prototipo de mascarilla utilizando Shapr3D y mi impresora 3D el material utilizado es tpu flexifle.
cuando la tenga terminada pondre todos los archivos para su libre uso!

saludos a todos!



Kudos @david.r Really great to learn of your reaction to this crisis.

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This is really cool!

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Thanks Istvan
as I have already said all help is little!

Update prototype mask v0.2

thicknesses have been modified to improve the adaptation of the material to the face. A removable filter has been designed for better cleaning and fiber change.

se han modificado grosores para mejorar la adaptacion del material al rostro. Se ha diseñado un filtro extraible para una mejor limpieza y cambio de fibras.


Hi David.r,
Your mask looks great!
I have a printer that I’d like to try to make the mask on–would you be willing to share the file and details with those of us interested?
Best regards,

Hi Andrew

Once I have them definitively I will gladly upload the shapr3D files as in stl format for the whole community to use.

Update V.2.1

It is necessary to print the removable part of the filter, modify the thickness of certain parts of the mask to better adapt to the face.
greetings to all! and cheers!


Hi everyone!

Here below you will find two files with different extensions DFX and DWG in which the measurements of the same would have to be seen. As I have said before, this mask is conceived as if it were an origami, just fold the parts and it would cover the part of the mouth and nose.
If someone knows clothing or sewing companies and may be interested in making this design to help, please let them know and provide them with these files. The curved lines can be replaced by straight lines for a greater speed when cutting the pattern.

This design is for adults, but you can extrapolate the measurements for children.

once the fabrics are cut, you just have to sew the outer edge and the mask would be ready.


For anything here I am!

hola a todos!

aqui abajo encontrareis dos archivos con diferentes extenciones DFX Y DWG en los que se tendrian que ver las medidas de la misma. como ya he dicho anteriormente esta mascara esta concevida como si fuera un origami solamente hay de doblar las partes y nos cubriria la parte de la boca y nariz.
Si alguien conoce empresas de confeccion o costura y les puede interesar hacer este diseño para ayudar ruego se lo comuniquen y les faciliten dichos archivos. las lineas curbas se pueden substituir por lineas rectas para una mayor rapidez a la hora de cortar el patron.

este diseño es de adulto pero se puede extrapolar las medidas para niños.

una vez cortadas las telas solo hay que coser el borde exterior y ya estaria lista la mascarilla.


Para cualquier cosa aqui estoy!

Mascarilla patrón adulto original V.02.1.zip (12.3 KB)


Fantastic effort David.
Many hanks for the dedication, hard work sharing :+1::+1::+1:

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emphasized text*Thanks @Gelphyn!

Attached file updated for 3D printing.

Mascarilla original V.02.1.zip (6.2 MB)