Failed operations

I get “can’t heal wound” error message - what is this and how do I determine what the problem is? New to this - need help! Thanks

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It usually means that you’re trying to remove something that will leave a hole in a face. What are you trying to do?


I am trying to remove fillets etc in the design, simply highlighting the edge and hitting delete does not work in some situations, cannot highlighting a face that has through holes etc. be deleted? This program would do well to have a help section that tells a user what they cannot do with each tool or process. Thanks

Can you share a few screenshots of the problematic cases?

I think it corrected itself sot of, however my recent problem is a red dot that remains on my screen, identical to the two dots that appear when I use my finger to move something, however this is one dot and it just sits there no-matter what I do. Thanks

Thank Istvan, however I Do not know how to get a screenshot on my ipad. The screen is frozen on the “Save this file” inset page and hitting the “done” or anything else does nothing. I still have that annoying red dot at about 1:00 position on the main background screen. It was on all of my file pages also any before this frozen problem I none of my operational commands on the sketch screen were not working. What got this stuck and how do I get out of it.

Thanks, really need help.


Rand L Petersen

Hi @Rand, sorry to see that you have this problem. For creating screenshots, please take a look at the following article:

Can you please tell us if the Tutorial Mode was turned on? It can be found if you open the Settings page on the iPad, scroll down to Shapr3D in the apps:

The problem seems to have corrected itself, since I have finally figured out how to add an axis and rotate around it! Now my big problem is how to export a dxf file from my Standard subscription as your help files states that can be done. I cannot get it to work. Please help. Regards, Rand L Petersen.