Export failure! Help please

I have spent the last few days iterating on some designs, then out of nowhere the app refuses to export. I continuously get export error, file could not be created. I have no idea why, all I did was re do a sweep that i had preciously done and re-modeled several times already and exported without fail. I have taken most fillets out and union all the bodies like before, now I cant un-union them and I really do not want to redo this again.
I’m coming from fusion and trying to learn this as its the only decent option for iPad. I keep wanting to go back and modify the sketch associated with the sweep so I can change the profile. I can update the sketch itself but it does nothing as far as updating the feature (sweep), am I wrong in thinking this is how it should work (like fusion). Is there no ability for the software that is refusing my command to at least tell me Why it wont do something?

Great piece of software but there are definitely some quality of life issue that need addressing…for example, the popup that comes up to set up pointer and keyboard control…now I understand why it pops up and you should only have to do 2 steps to get it to go away…the problem comes in not being able to click something to dismiss this, it should not force me to restart just because I accidentally touched my magic track pad and do not have a keyboard connected at all so there is no way to hit escape…so every time I touch the trackpad means instant disruption because of a restart.

Looking forward to all the info’s.

I was able to export the shapr format and have uploaded it here. (edit: new user cant upload file??? WTF?)