Faster way to copy things?

Hope you can get up and running soon.

I purchased my new iPad specifically to use Shapr3D. The acquisition was used as an opportunity to start afresh and install only a few Apps.
The motive was to be sure that Shapr3D got use of all the room and resources possible. In event of unexpected changes/slowdowns/whatever the culprit would likely be the latest addition and that could be easily confirmed and resolved. I am very happy with the outcome.

Finally got it set up. It certainly imported the projects way faster, but I have to wait on the new Apple Pencil to come in before I can really start working on that big one to see how much better this new iPad handles it.

Edit: New pencil is in and I’m giving it a shot. On that large project, I’ve imported two more files totaling 520 additional objects and I’ve been able to manipulate them without any hint it might crash the app. The new generation of iPad is definitely necessary to take full advantage of this app.