Any feature ideas?


If you feel that the software needs something new: post it here.
We’re open to every idea - even the most unlikely!


Short basic wishlist after playing for a few hours:

  • copy/paste
  • step and repeat
  • group/ungroup
  • align/distribute
  • snap to

that’s all basic stuff that I’m guessing you guys already have in mind.

loving the app so far.

  1. Copy paste: yes please. Will be included in the next few releases.
  2. Step and repeat? Could you please explain?
  3. Grouping: yes, but probably only later.
  4. Align: yes yes yes, but we are not sure yet how. Should it be a tool? What kind of aligments would you like.
  5. Snap to? For example to mid points of lines? That’s on the road map, and will be included in the next few weeks.


Here`s what i miss after trying it out:

  1. A way to check distances and angles of existing geometry.
  2. Quick way to position camera orthogonal to a face. Or traditional top/front/left/right.
  3. Snapping (was mentioned already)

  1. Yeah, that’s definitely on the roadmap
  2. Yes, this will be included in the 1.0
  3. Snapping, like snapping to mid points of lines?


Step and repeat = copy an object, offset and transform, ‘n’ instances. Example: creating a spiral staircase - create one step, then in step-and-repeat, specify number of copies and how much to offset (move on Y axis, for example) and rotate each copy. (would also need to allow the user to manually set the origin point relative to the initial object.) Make sense? If not, I can find examples in other software of the interface.

Align - could be guides that pop on screen as user moves one object relative to another (like Adobe Illustrator, or Visio) - can send screen shots if that would help. Align/distribute usually a small palette or modal dialog - when multiple objects are selected, they can be distributed evenly on a dimension, or aligned along sides or centers - again, the interface I’m most familiar with is Illustrator - can send screen caps as examples.

Snap to - centers, faces, edges, vertices. Something I was trying to make yesterday might have benefited from that functionality - too hard to explain in writing - I’ll sketch tonight or tomorrow when I get a chance.


Ahh okay, step and repeat, I got it. It is on the roadmap. Not sure if it will be included in the next few weeks, but it will be implemented in the near future.

Yes, we will have alignment tools like this.

Snapping to vertices and edges should already work (except to significant points of edges, like midpoints, but this will be implemented soon).


Quick camera (top, front, side, persp)


Yes. On the list, will be done in a few weeks.


There are a few times I’ve actually zoomed out far enough to to see the clipping mask. Makes grid disappear.


Yeah, that’s quite annoying. We will have to adjust the clipping plane with the zoom level.


Are you planning to support multiple edge selection?


I think we should. You mean you want to fillet/chamfer many edges together, right?


Exactly, I do this all the time.


Yeah this is how it should work. Probably we will do that next week.


Thinking. About supporting simple text would be awesome as well.


Yes, that’s on the list, but not in the near future. Maybe after the 1.0 release.


Would text be for annotation only?, or as a plane that could be used with other features, or a tool maybe?


No, the text tool will be a special curve tool, that can be used to create geometry.


What about mirrored surface creation?
So many parts that I make are mirrored along an axis, it would be great if I only had to work on one side.

This could be done with a true mirror of each step in the modeling process (best!), or at least with an instanced version of the geo scaled over to the other side, which would could later be merged with the original to complete the object.