Feature request: drawings - ability to import drawings and part models from other files

Hi, it would be very useful to be able to import drawings or parts, or even images into the drawings from other files/designs. Even if it’s just to support copy and paste between files.


Can you elaborate more on how would this feature help in your workflow? What would you do to after importing other drawings or images to the drawing space?

Hi Alexander, the drawing features are great, though limited. Creating part/detail views and sections in particular are features I know you are working on and I am looking forward to. Being able to add in reference images of other parts created in other designs, exploded or sectioned versions, or even logos, or texture maps to distinguish layers/materials from each other. It would also be useful fo adding symbols and images marks like registration or datum marks.


Thanks for the detailed answer it helps us see better what are potential use cases. These are items that are on our roadmap and the team works hard on delivering a rich feature set for Drawings. You can expect these coming as incremental improvements month by month, so stay tuned!

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