Feature Requests

I recently took the plunge and paid for the year subscription.The app is generally very good and I’m really enjoying it but there’s some features I think the app would really benefit from:

  • Soft mod brush or a brush with falloff for translating large numbers of points or surfaces more generally for concepting.

  • A marquee selection mode for selecting items interactively en-masse in the scene rather than using the list view.

  • A single handed mode - I would like to use the pen to rotate the view (instead of solely fingers) when I click and drag in an empty space - see Zbrush / forger for example.

  • Non uniform scaling of items.

  • A lock option in the list/scene/item view.Im constantly selecting items that I want visible like ref planes and sketches but unselectable.

  • Isolate mode- whereby everything apart from the items that are currently selected are hidden.When this mode is inactive normal visibility rules apply.



Also good points

Yep we really need the isolate feature scenes get messy quickly.

Also obj import - not sure why this would be omitted.

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Can I add, keeping extensive selection after undo when you selected the wrong edge or such by mistake and you cannot find which one was wrong?

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Marquee selection would be amazing!

As would being able to folder sketches.

Hi @aoskie Welcome to the Forum
Regarding Sketches, note that a Sketch resides on the Plane it was created on.
If you need to keep Sketches separate you will have to place them on separate Planes.
As well as the 3 Standard Planes you can use Add > Construction Plane.

This may be useful:


Many Forum Members would like to see a Multi Selection Tool.

Happy S3Ding