Feature Request - true coil tool and drag to select multiple items

Hello Shapr3D team,

New to Shapr3D, absolutely in love with it. Use my iPad a lot and this is perfect for me. I would love to see two features from a usability standpoint, the first being a true coil tool, I’m using rotate right now and it works but it’s a bit painful. Also a drag to select multiple bodies or sketches would be amazing, having to select 100 individual sketches to extrude isn’t fun! Love the tool so much I’ve purchased pro, you guys are doing great work thank you for taking my feature request into consideration.

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Hey - thanks for the purchase.

Coil tool has been raised here many times before - not sure when it will be implemented though.

As for selecting multiple objects, I’d use either Items, or in the case of sketches the long tap or double-tap to select all connected sketches.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the reply! Any solution for selecting 100 different square sketches that are separate from each other? Also trying to figure out how to purposely create a new sketch layer, it seems like it happens at random, could use that when I know I’ll be making so many small items if I could figure out how to make it happen.

Sketch layers are created automatically every time you create a sketch on a different plane.

Select your sketches in Items (https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020101393-Items) - that should speed up the process.

Hi Daniel
I feel this implementation of multi select starts to fall apart when a model gets large.
The app is great for rapid modelling, but unless you are methodically naming layers and creating folders as you go the layer list can get long and incomprehensible fast.

Also do you have a current solution / workaround while a lasso tool or similar is being developed for selecting all the edges of a body (apart from rotating the view and clicking on each one) to then say apply a chamfer or radius edge?