I adopted the habit to save my designs in files on several locations and often both in xt and shapr format.
Why do I need to enter the filename under which it should be saved every time again? (Or am I doing something wrong here?)

Everytime I export the design in whatever format I’m asked to fill in the name.

I would think that the design has a name that stays with it until changed, but it doesn’t appear to be like that.

Ideally I would give it a name at the start of a project and save/export it as much as I want. S3D would then add a version number to the file, such that you could go back to a previous version.
I do this now manually, but it should be fairly easy to implement.
Maybe add a setting that the user can specify how many back versions are kept.

Hmm, found that you can give the name in the design view.
That solves one part.

Thanks, Poul

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