Design missing from my list

Hi Shapr team,

One of my designs is missing from my list, I know I haven’t deleted it. Where are these files stored, is there any way to restore my design?

Steve Rodriguez

Are you referring to this Page [or one that has strong similarities] when you say Missing from my list:

If you have any Design(s) like those shown [Design Thumbnails] please read on.

Both of these are Un-named, i.e., closed without being given a Name.
However the Design on the left, when tapped to open then followed by tapping the Navigation Cube, reveals my input.
The Design on the right only shows an empty Design, i.e., just the 3 Axes.

Hi Steve, all designs are saved locally to your device.

Just as Gelphyn suggested, please scroll through the Design page to confirm that it’s not saved there unnamed since it wasn’t deleted.

Hi Gelphyn and Victor,

Thank you for your responses. Yes I am referring to the designs page. I’ve gone through all of my designs to ensure it wasn’t just out of the frame. I think I know what happened, I recently upgraded my device from an iPad 10.3" to a new iPad Pro 12.9".

How does that work swapping devices? It looked like my designs were in the design list when I loaded the application on the new iPad so I didn’t think about it much. Do these get backed up to my account iCloud somehow and then loaded from there? I’m pretty sure the design I lost was the last one I did on my old iPad, so I’m thinking maybe it didn’t back up? I no longer have the old iPad so I can’t check.

Hi, I see what you mean. The designs are saved locally on the device and it’s not auto-synced to the cloud (the app is an offline app).
You will need to export and send the file (in Shapr format) from the old device to the new device.

The following may apply to you, but is written for the information of the Community.
If you use iCloud Drive I strongly recommend that to avoid a repeat occurrence of 'losing .shapr Files that you set up a Filing System using iPadOS/iOS
It may involve a learning curve because it is not as User Friendly as Finder or Explorer.
Once set up to a reasonable level a Filing System can retrieve a required Design quicker than sorting through pages of Design Thumbnails.
As with all things Digitally Based there are no guarantees regarding loss of DATA. It is prudent to make BackUps and keep separately from Computers and Devices. Multiple separately stored BackUps increase the chances of preventing loss under most conditions.
If you think the chances of Flood and Fire are remote remember that If something can happen it probably will also remember No condition is permanent.

The ScreenShot above shows a normal view of my Design Thumbnails Page, it never needs to be scrolled down.


I see, so what you’re saying is Import my SHAPR files from iCloud Drive when I want to work on them. Then Export them back to iCloud Drive when I want to “save” them. Correct?

You do exactly that via the, part of iOS or iPadOS whichever is installed on your iPad, from the Home Screen.
I would suggest that you open and have a look around, and you can search Apple Support for help regarding making folders etc. All tools you need are on the Files Pages
However S3D have made it easy the place .shapr Files in

From an Open File in S3D
Use top left menu and select Export
Choose 3D Design
If the Design is properly Named hit Continue, otherwise name it appropriately first
Hit Save to Files
Navigate to the location where you want the File to be placed ✽✽✽
Hit Save top right

✽✽✽ Clearly you will need to set up your Filing System to Suit your workflow and administration needs, e.g:

Main Folder - Shapr3D

Sub Folders for Ideas; Customer 01; Customer 02; Customer etc etc

Sub sub Folders Idea Name or Number; C 01 Order # 001; C 02 Order # etc

In my case most Designs are filed under the MO use to create them, Type of Object, Location of use or Name of the Family Member or Friend involved:


Gotcha. Cool, I appreciate the input. That’s exactly what I do with other file types, you’re right it’s a bit cumbersome but I think I can get used to that workflow instead for the security of having my files there when I need them. This looks like it would make a great feature request for the future. (The ability to pick a default folder where you designs are saved instead of in the appdata).

The ‘feature’ is already there.
✱ If you choose Save to Files it opens at the last previously used Folder.
However if you dump all your files in one place as per Design Thumbnails you can get into a mess very quickly as your .shapr Files start to accumulate.

✱ From this point you can also quickly locate the Sub Folders that you set up.

I am further recommending that Files on iCloud Drive, important to the User, are Backed Up.

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A warning to others who don’t back up as per Gelphyn’s instructions . . .
I recently upgraded to the latest version of iPadOS, 13.5.1, and lost my most recent house addition design, including the fancy spiral staircase.
What disappeared was only the design that was open when I upgraded the operating system. All my other designs were not lost.
It is a pity that the most recent design version is not automatically saved somewhere.
But I still love Shapr3D and I look forward to going back to rehearse skills, hopefully with more efficient precision than the days invested into what was lost.

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Hi @MakerTeen Welcome to the Forum.
I am very sorry to learn of your mishap hopefully it will be taken, by everyone, as clear indication to Back Up all Data.

My MO at the end of each S3D session is to Name and Export to everything created that will be required in future. In the Case of a Project like your House Extension, worked on over several days, it would be exported to Files with the Date appended to the S3D FileName. Using the only Date Format that a Computer can successfully keep in Date Order, i.e., Year - Month - Day, say 2020-07-13.
That way there is nil need to remember a Version Number and no problems with it being filed out of Last Modified Order. In my case for most creations this ‘saving’ detail is unnecessary.

After the File is confirmed as actually existing within the Design Thumbnails/Local Copy is Deleted. I never allow the first visible page in Design Thumbnails to require Scrolling Down.

Happy S3Ding

@Gelphyn I am setting up a file folder system using the Files app which has a Shapr folder already. It is easy enough to export to a shapr file into Files, but I can’t figure out how to open the file with the name attached - ie it renames it as a generic design and when I go to save I have to renter the name and replace the previous file. Can you explain your process for opening and saving to the Files app in more detail? Much appreciated!


If I am understanding correctly you can access the shapr. File(s) that you need.

To properly get to grips with you need to review the Apple Information and Help.
This App can do many things that can be done in Finder but in a very different manner.

Export from S3D, top left Menu and hit the rightmost Icon.
From the List choose Shapr3D Design
The File has to be Named, do so if not already Named.
Click Continue
From the List choose Save to Files
If you have a structure for the S3D Files navigate to the Folder where you wish deposit the File
If you do not have a File Structure in place a good place to drop it temporarily is iCloud Desktop

Files left there are visible in Finder.

This is possibly what you were trying to do when accessing the shapr. File within
The handle a File within firstly it has to be Selected
Then you have to find the Link to the feature you need, e.g., Delete, Move, Duplicate and so on.
The Links reside on the Top and Bottom of the Screens.

To Import follow the info regarding Export, there are very few screens and all give plenty of guidance.
Very promptly the Navigation through is presented
Find the File and Tap on it and before long it is open in S3D.

If you need more help just shout.

@Gelphyn thanks for the reply. I am able to import and export seamlessly but never with the name retained with the file. For example, the only option in the File app once the file is selected that works is the Share option (the others are Duplicate, Move, Delete, More/Copy or Compress) which l can then go to “Copy to Shapr3d” and open - There is no simple “open file” option. Then it opens as a new file (or into an existing differently named file if one is open) without the original name.

Is there a method of opening file “x” so that it retains the file name and can be edited and then saved back to its original Files location without reentering the name and having to “replace” the original file?


If you want to open a Shapr. File in S3D that is stored in the it has to be Imported.
Please see the notes under Importing, above in:

There is no way to simply open a shapr. File Directly, the iOS way, for opening Files is different to the macOSX way.