Files corrupted, internal or external issue?

Recently, multiple of my files have been corrupting. I am generally new to Shapr3D, so I am unable to give many details, but every time I open my project, my files have changed. I believe my hard drive might have issues, but other than that, there are no more details I can give.

If someone could help, that would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask me any more questions or get me to test something to solve this.

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Unfortunately this is probably a bug on our side. Can you confidentially share your design so that we can take a look?

I am a new user, so I can’t send through message. Do you have an email I can use?


Just wondering how things are going. Have you found anything yet?

We haven’t managed to reproduce the issue yet. What happened between the two screenshots that you took?

I am not sure how it happened, but I simply opened my project and all of a sudden everything was corrupted. Both screenshots are of different projects that were both corrupted, however, they are under the same file name, if that helps.

Edit: This could be the issue, but if you’re unable to produce the issue, then it’s most likely internal.

Edit 2: Also note that I accidentally sent two copies of the same project as well, if you need the other project that was bugged, just reply.

Yes, that would be helpful

The issue has happened again, and it’s been a while. Is it okay if I send you another file? It might help.

Yes please.

I have had this problem on multiple projects. PC. It appears to happen when there are large project files with complex geometry and long history. The history tree will have loads of errors and corrupted geometry. After loosing multiple projects failed I tried collapsing the history tree and as long as I do that consistently it seems to be ok.

Fails when saving or closing, opening project and the file starts to load but doesn’t show any numerical counting like when a successful project opens. I think it might be related.

I spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to fix project files because I lost complicated models.

This bug appeared for me with the inclusion of history tree. No problems before.

We are aware of an issue that can cause this in rare occasions, and we are working on a fix.

This sounds very very similar to the problem I experienced a couple of days ago - My thread is called ‘History Bug’, at the moment! I also design complex models with long history. I’m managing it by a workaround @WeBasic suggested to me. I’m saving a copy of the model locally then merging down the history at an appropriate firm-and-fixed point in the design to practically reset the history tree from hundreds to only a couple of lines. It is a challenge to lose some sketches and adjustments but that’s the price to pay at the moment. I’ve not have a problem since; early days. I’m glad I’ve found out Sharp3D are working on a fix.

@Jon1, @WeBasic, I’ve got an update from Support which should fix the disappearing parts issues, quote:

“The issue that can cause this problem is a bug in Siemens Parasolid, the underlying modeling engine of Shapr3D. The problem is that some direct modeling operations can be flaky (providing different outputs for the same inputs). To avoid this situation, we are always going to serialize the entire Parasolid session, and load it when you open the design, to guarantee that there is no feature tree evaluation is happening when you reload a design.”

“The fix is targeted for version 5.660”

“5.660: July 15th”

I have noticed that large files are failing to open on my M2 iPad Pro though they are opening on my desktop up to a point - then ultimately failing to open even after trimming the size of the model (deleting and merging history).

This all seemed to happen after the update that introduced Parametric modelling.


Can you share a problematic design with our support team?

I just lost the last few hours of work to this bug. This is getting really annoying.