Need Help, Crashed EVERY time

I utilized Shapr3D to construct a structure from the ground up, essentially creating a cube with an array of holes throughout. Initially, everything appeared to be in order until it unexpectedly crashed. Subsequently, whenever I attempted to reopen the file within the application, it consistently crashed. I restarted my computer, updated the app to the latest and it still crashed. I also made an effort to access the file via my iPad app, only to encounter crashes there as well. Despite sending numerous crash reports through the app, I haven’t received any feedback. Additionally, I submitted a service ticket but was informed that the Service team is on holiday.

Macbook Pro, 14-inch, 2021, Apple M1 Pro CPU, 16GB Memory, MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1, Shapr3D Version 5.601.0 (6803)

I have downloaded the crashed file as in .shapr format. I am not sure if there is a way to upload.

The structure looks like this but the holes are smaller.

Please help, HUGE THANKS!

We are looking into this.

I received a reply for my tech ticket to Shapr3D, and I am disappointed with their arrogance and ignorance. Please let me explain and I appreciate your help

======Feedback received starts========

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for any inconvenience.

Our developers checked your design and found that it is not a performance issue on our end. The crash is connected to Parasolid, and Shapr3D has already reported the issue to them.

I’m afraid there is nothing else we can do but wait for Parasolid to fix the bug. Thank you for reporting the issue. If there is any update on this case, I’ll make sure to let you know.

Feel free to reach back to us in case of any further questions,

Best wishes,
Shapr3D l Support"
======End of Received Feedback===========
I’ve spent hours designing this on my computer, and now all I have is a file that cannot open. Whenever click it, Shapr3D just crashes.

  1. I don’t understand why Shapr3D team says it is not a Shapr3D performance issue. Shapr3D could give me a warning, an error message, or fail to perform a command, but should NOT crash. Crashing is a Performance issue of Shapr3D itself.

  2. As a normal user, I have never encountered something called “Parasoild”. Should I know this before I use Shapr3D? Mentioning this tech jargon, or software name, does not help at all for me, as a normal user, to figure out what is wrong, and especially, how to prevent this from happening again. I do not even know what caused this crash.

The message I got from Shapr3D just translates as, this is not our fault and there is nothing we can do. Although our app crashes, it still performs WELL. If you want to figure out what is wrong, google the word “Parasoild” and try to draw the connection yourself. In the meantime, live with the Shapr3D crashes.

Hi, apologies, this was indeed an unfortunate answer. What Rita meant is that the crash is happening in our modeling kernel, which we license from Siemens. Thus we can’t directly fix the bug, but we’ve reported this to SIemens, and it will be fixed. Obviously, you don’t have anything to do with these technical details, and what matters is that we are aware of the issue and we’ll fix it. I’m sorry for the confusing communications.

I guess it is very likely that my last step/manipulation caused the crash. Is there a way to revert the file to the status before the previous step? I cannot open the file now, can Shapr3D revert/undo my last procedure, restore the file to the status before the last step, to save my hours of work?


The support team can recover older versions of your design if you were connected to the network and you didn’t disable the Shapr3D Cloud.

Thank you for looking into this! So what exactly went wrong? Which parameter/step/procedure/manipulation caused the crash so that the users could learn to avoid this in the future before the third company fixes this?

I honestly hope the Shapr3D team could keep their customers in mind. I hope they could have offered me this option of restoring the file with reverting last step at the first time when I inquired about the crash, rather wait until the customer has to humbly ask for it.

I have just requested this online, if they can revert my previous step. Let’s see how soon they would get back to me, a normal user, what they would say, or maybe they will just ignore my request.

I’m afraid it’s not possible to provide step by step instructions to avoid a situation like this. We are fixing many issues for the next release.

They’ll get back to you on Monday.

Thanks! I appreciate your time, effort, and patience with me.

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Well, I believe we are the ones who should thank your patience. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I want to update that I have received feedback from the Shapr3D team. They did not return me the file with my last construction step reverted, but they promised that they will fix this bug in the next release, which will happen within a week! Hooray~~ I am waiting for the release now in order to open my file and continue the building, with Shapr3D!

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I updated Shapr3D to the latest version 5.603.0 (6875) today via Mac OS Store Today. It still crashes whenever I open the same file. A crash report has been sent to Shapr3D.

So the bug is not fixed as promised.

Additionally, at least two files that were built and opened fine in the previous version cannot be opened in this latest update. The Shapr3D app surprisingly crashed instantly.

Crashing is also a Performance issue, because it fails to perform.

Thanks for getting back to us. We received your follow-up ticket, and we are checking your case.