First creation

Got ipad and software yesterday
Tried some ideas

Love this and will have much use for my CNC

AR is awesome to show customer

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Awesome! Would love to see whatyou designed!

Trying to add pictures but cant send them might be to big.

Try now, I elevated your trust level.

Wine rack


Quite new with ipad but it looks like the reply button is hidden below a menu so i cant reply in shapr3d. I have tp on my phone. Ill try show picture to explaine

Very cool. What CNC do you have and what CAM do you use?

My CNC machine is called Rawcnc swedish built and its in my woodshop

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another simple box I made yesterday


I really like this software even a woodworker can make things and drawings to show customers.
Question how do I add text on to the lid of a box for example that I want to later carve out in my cnc

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We don’t have a text tool yet unfortunately.

Currently, Shapr3D doesn’t have a text function, but it’s being worked on. In the interim, TinkerCAD is free, and you can export the text and add it to your Shapr3D project.

Ok maybe I can just add on top with import