Putting Text

As anyone been able to include texts in there signs before printing them, I have looked everywhere in the Shapr3d software but could not find any information.

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Try these A-Z Letters.shapr (302.2 KB)

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@Yepher made an app so you can import text into Shapr.

Check this thread…

Ok thank you, will take a look.

Ok many thanks will do, still learning but will give them a try.

I use external programs to create the groundwork for my text (and more) in Shapr designs. I export them in DFX format. I believe I can go further than most in app text tools. I could be wrong. Here is an example I made thinking about this topic. I thought about making a boiler plate for giggles and then went down the rabbit hole a bit. Point is you can’t rely on only one program in a developer life. I used as many as 40+ programs at one job in my career. I have never found 1 program that does it all period.

I want to finish my boiler plate for fun but it’s late and I’m out of town tomorrow.

Facts. Same here, most projects I work on require me having multiple programs open and bouncing between them. I also had a project that needed me to have text modeled. The method I used was just tracing the Adobe Illustrator Version some guy had done. I didn’t do the entire alphabet but all it takes is one dude to do it and share it. This was mine. I just uploaded an image with the existing font shape and drew over it since Shapr3D is insanely easy for this.


I always had a triple monitor system: Dual 27’s and a 24 in portrait for reading data sheets. Miss those days. :+1:

Now I’m just a hobbyist. :frowning_face:

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I like how our names are similar lmao buts there’s nothing wrong with being a hobbyist. That’s me right now. This was my last job I was bored at so I did it for free. Design something and give it away, you’ll get practice but know your worth. Most engineering projects are boring af but the tools are nice so I can make cooler shit off the clock.

I have been using a MacOS app called Sculptor. Nothing fancy, but have made some name plates with ease. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/minima-sculptor/id1493318997