Using Shapr3d for relief style work on woodworking CNC?

Hi. I am new to the forum and I am trying to evaluate Shapr3D and a few other apps. I am looking for an iOS based solution to work up relief style 3D for my CNC woodworking. I have been searching YouTube and google for people that might have shared their experiences but I am not really finding any info. Everyone seems to be making full 3D models for digital media or 3D printing purposes.

Is there anyone here that has some experience creating models for bas relief woodworking?

Quite a few people are using Shapr3D for woodworking and for CNC milling. How can we help you?

Hi. I am looking for maybe tutorials or videos showing me how users might use the app to create a bas relief style model that is suitable for a woodworking cnc. Something to visually help me understand how they approach model making with Shapr3D. I have little, very little modeling experience.

Can you show an example of a bas relief that you would like to make?

Funny… I am sitting here on my coffee break and I was just jumping on to post he most recent model I had someone make for me. This is a perfect example of the type of work I would like to create with Shapr3D


A mix of 2.5D and 3D.

Most CNC routers require G code and a machine specific post processor, at least until a couple of years ago. Has this changed? Does Shapr3D output G Code?

CAM systems generate g-code from STL or other CAD files.

@Ton80: basically what you need here is just a bunch of extrusions on a body. Draw something on a box, and just push them in. Although I think this is something that you would probably create in Illustrator or in a 2d drawing program, and with many CAM programs you can easily create 2.5D patterns from 2D drawings.

My CAM software creates the Gcode. I import a STL or OBJ file. V Carve Pro by Vectric can not modify a file.

If you look at the leaves, you can see they are contoured so simply pulling up extrusions won’t work. The 2.5d parts of the project I understand would be easy enough to make with my CAM software or Shapr3D. How about the leaves? That is where I am hoping to use Shapr3D.

Here is another example which would definitely not be 2.5D at all. This would be a better example of what I need Shapr3D for, it it can do this type of work. image

I see. Well, these are typical applications for a sculpting software, like z-brush. Such freeform, organic bodies are extremely hard to create with any CAD system, including Shapr3D.

Ok, I see. What about the simpler shapes required for the leaves in my first model example? That would also be difficult in Shapr3D.

You could easily create the leaves with the loft tool:

I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s quite right… You could do this kind of stuff in Rhino.


The leopard? Probably you could indeed. But it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice if I had to make it.

No, that’s true. You’d probably be better of with a sculpting program… but it would still be MY first choice as I don’t use any other program :wink:. However… Rhino do have a command for creating meshes or NURBS surfaces from an image.


Try Selva3d or ReTouch.

Regarding VCarve Pro, this is an excellent CNC program, but you might need Aspire. The biggest difference between VCarve and Aspire is that in Aspire you can actually create the 3D models from scratch or modify existing models. Don’t give up on Shaper3d, it can also be used for CNC. Just depends on how you’re using your machine.

There is also Cut3D;

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I came here from using vectric aspire and I will use this to create parts and design then save and then use it in aspire to get gcode for the cnc.

I use Aspire as well, and import my Shapr3D creations into Aspire.

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Awesome can you show some creations you made here?

I will as soon as I return back to California.

Hi Istvan,is this something I could use for CNC milling /ooznest workbee CNC kit?
Soft metal and woodwork projects…I really like how easy to use it compare to other softwares.thank you