First print.Advice needed

This is my first attempt at creating a project and print it out.Quite disappointed at the resultThe object in Shapr 3D is circular but the end result when printed was quite different.
The slicing was carried out using Cura 15.4.6 and printed using a Anycubic I3 mega printer.
Any advice on where I have gone wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Hello - what are you tolerance settings and what quality are you printing in?

Try exporting it on higher detail or change your slicer settings, every time I have to make circular models I export them in medium detail and they are correct when printing.

This is a photo of the Shapr 3D stl file loaded into Cura.To me it looks like my problem was when it was saved from Shapr but being new to this I don’t know.

This is a photo of the object created on Shapr 3D.

When you export, you have the option to export in higher quality (Pro feature).

Would this be a typical result of printing any circular object in low resolution?

Depends on the surface of course, but yes, this would be a typical result