Why are my circles square/ not round?

When I design something in Shapr3D and export it with low quality as STL and then import it in a slicer software like PrusaSlicer or the thing from Windows 10 the circles aren´t round anymore.

I cannot get the failure. Would be glad for a helping hand.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

To better understand the issue, does an exported circular object stop been circular after you have imported it into the slicer app and please can you attach images?

Yes that´s the case. The holes which u can see in the picture were round in shapr3D. But in the slicer it looks like this.

Thank u for ur fast response.

I also add the original .stl data file, if it helps to find the problem.
.stl data file from shapr3D

Do you use “low quality” during STL export?

Hi, it seems most likely related to the quality of the STL export. This will not be the case with the high-resolution STL export.
You can start a trial on the Pro version as this will allow you to export the file as a high-resolution STL file.

Like u said I exported it in low quality. If this is the reason for the not round circles I need to search for a new app. Shapr3D is great but not affordable for private persons.

So this question can be closed.

Thank you very much for ur answers.

Thanks for providing more background info. You could actually start a trial on the Pro subscription which is free for 14 days and you can cancel it at any time without being charged.

I have already paid for a pro subscription ?

Jay Emery

Hi Jay, I do not completely understand your request, are you experiencing a similar issue?