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Simple question, I hope….

How can I create a drawing (pdf) from the floor plan I drew on Sketch Plane 1?

I’ve done a few kitchens so far, so I am familiar with creating the various drawings I need for cabinet production once I the room and cabinets in 3D.

I’m currently drawing an entire home, so I would like to save/export/print the floor plans I create. I want to create drawings without dimensions, and then use the line-to-line option for selecting which dimensions are relevant at the time. Then I can email the pdf to the guys on-site.

Any chance we can adjust the scale to architectural instead of ratios? Or remove the title block yet (it gets in the way)? Lol. It would be great to generate architectural drawings with the app.

Also, if i wanted to Export the Sketch Plans with Sketches, in CAD, to send to an architect, what should I be using? Maybe the software they are using to open doesn’t like mine, but I’ve sent a few different formats to a few friends, and they say they either couldn’t open or it was a mess. Best for just the Floor Plan on the Sketch Plane? Best for exporting the 3D Bodies, so they can manipulate? Again, not sure what they have on their end.

I’m surely not using the app to it’s full capabilities for the work I’m doing (no 3D printing, etc), and don’t come from a CAD background, I’m just a simple carpenter/contractor, but I love it so far.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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At this time only drawings created of solid bodies can be exported as PDFs. If you wish to export a sketch as PDF, please make a solid body of it by extruding it to any height then place the Top view of it onto the drawing sheet. The borders and the title block are currently not removable from the drawing.

Simple sketches can be exported with the Sketch Export tool in DXF, DWG, and SVG format. To show the dimensions, please lock them by tapping on the padlock icon in the popup numpad.
Shapr3D supports the most common CAD file formats that let you share your designs with others. Please take a look at the following page where we have collected all the supported output formats of Shapr3D:

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Is this still the case today?