Problems with DXF export

When trying to export individual parts in .dxf format, as a result I can only see the sketch-objects in top-to-bottom perspective.
How can I export parts in dxf-format?
Many thanks

Hello! Currently, only sketches can be exported as drawings. You have to project the bodies to a plane (preferably the X-Y plane) to export their contours as a dxf/dwg. The current workflow is explained in the video below:

Please do not take too much time to get used to this method as the whole drawing feature will change a lot in the future :wink:

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Will drawing be available for assemblies and groups or just individual bodies? I’m very eager to see how it all works. It’s been “weeks away” for a couple months. :grimacing: :popcorn:
Keep up the good work.

Many thanks for the quick reply, …but sorry, the video wont start?

…sorry, got it on the web, many thanks

Yes, multi-body drawings will be supported.