Folder-Structure for 2D-Drawings

Hi, I’m working as a Mechanical Engineer in the packaging industry. When I create my models, I use many different assembly groups, therefore a lot of different 2D drawings.

It would be a great help, if I could organize the drawings in some sort of folder structure for a better and clear overview within the model.

I’m also not that much of a fan of the pop-up menu when switching from 3D modeling to 2D drawings, but I guess thats matter of taste and I got used to it.

Thank you and kind regards,

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Hey Julian,

Thanks for reaching out to us regards Drawings. I’d like to learn more about your use-case of the organisation of your documents.

Would you logically treat these different Drawings as different sheets of a single Drawing (ex.: Export them into a single PDF with multiple pages)? Or is this simply a matter of cleaning up your Drawings list and enabling easier navigation to find a specific file? Maybe a combination of both?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi Kristof,

For me, in the first place, its a matter of organization. As seen in the screenshot below I use letters or the same word at the beginning (e.g. “Gestell” or “Säule” etc.) for each assembly to quickly find the right drawing. If I could create a folder, it wold make my work much easier.

If you could combine this with the use of multi-sheets and continuous page numbers as you mentioned, it would be the cherry on the top :slight_smile:.

I really appreciate the improvements on the 2D drawings and look forward to every new update.

Thanks for the quick reply,

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