Food for thought: prioritizing the active tool

I love Shapr and its potential, I hope you find my feedback helpful:

In regards to user experience, more often than not when I’m using a tool, another tool gets triggered accidentally.

For example,

  • a line is drawn accidentally while I’m moving a shape
  • accidentally selecting a plane as I’m rotating a shape
  • accidentally selecting a shape when I’m just snapping to a plane to align to an axis
  • accidentally selecting a shape and leaving sketch mode while I’m sketching
  • accidentally selecting something that is in close range to a menu button

I suggest you give the active tool priority, if I’m in the middle of moving an object it’s unlikely I’d want to sketch, if I’m sketching on ortho mode is unlikely I want to move the object I’m drawing on, and etc. Or, disable these less needed options until I’ve completed my action.

Thanks for your time and for making great software!

Bruno Werneck


I have the same troubles. If you aren’t very precise, often having to zoom in, you end up drawing a line, which is fine IF you selected the line tool.

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