User Story: Preselected Sketch Tool

As a user I would like to set (in Preferences) my preselected sketch tool.

Every time when opening a sketch the “Line” tool is preselected by default. But, most of the time I need the rectangle tool. Unfortunately, “for whatever reason I’ve been unable to train my brain” (hello @RaptorPrinter) to switch the tool first when opening a sketch.

So, could you please provide us with a preference section for such settings, please?

Thank you for you cooperation.

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Good idea, thanks for sharing. I’ve forwarded it to the product team.

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From your question in the other thread I assume you’re using macOS, so another thing you might want to try is enabling hotkeys and use the hotkey “R” to trigger rectangle drawing: it’ll switch you into sketch mode and preselect rectangle as the active sketch pen. It also needs some training of the brain, but it might be easier :slight_smile: – give it a try!

Hotkeys are a brand-new feature, available starting version 5.230, so make sure you’ve upgraded. You can find information on how to enable it and the shortcuts that are available in the manual:

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Thanks Peter, I will test the hotkey function. :+1:t3:

Okay Peter, I just wanted to try out the shortcuts and the first what happened was the appearance of this little window:

It appears every time I use a shortcut. Unfortunately it won’t work for me this way. My expectation was to start sketching immediately after pressing r:disappointed:

This means you have not turned on Hotkeys yet. As it’s a brand new feature we are still testing, it is not on by default.

This is how you turn it on:

To manage shortcuts or hotkeys, go to Preferences > Single Key Action and choose between Command Search and Hotkeys . When the Command Search setting is selected, you can start typing anywhere in the workspace the name of the tool you want to use, and a search box will automatically appear. When the Hotkeys setting is enabled, you can execute tools with their equivalent hotkey, and start Command Search with ‘X’ or ‘Cmd + F’.

You need to be running at least version 5.230 for it. After turning it on, R will activate the rectangle tool immediately.

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Aahhh… it was not turned on. Okay, next try. :smiley:

Just a short feedback regarding shortcuts:

Worx gr8 for me! :sunglasses:

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