Free plan doesn't allow creation of new project

I use the free plan of Shapr3D. On my mac, everything worked fine and the free plan offered all the funtionality I needed.

Now I switched to Windows. After logging in, creating a new project always shows me the window that pathetically begs me to subscribe. If I skip, I’m thrown back to the library of the few projects I created on the Mac. I can open and edit them, but that’s it.

I’m not gonna spend hundreds of bucks for the two projects I create per year. Is there any way to create a project while on the free plan on Windows?


The free plan includes access to 2 active designs at the time, regardless of the platform (since the projects sync between them). That means to be able to create a new project, you have to delete a previous one.

Oh wow, now I’m embarassed. Thanks for the reply.

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