Free version user

Is there any tools or space(mb) limitation in free version?

Hi! In the free version, all the available modeling tools are available and there is no size limitation regarding the models.

The limitations of the free version are the following:

  1. just one import and export is possible
  2. only two independent workspaces can be opened
  3. STL files can be exported in low quality

For more info, please take a look at our pricing page:

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Hello, what does that exactly mean “Can only make two designs” which I read on your “Prices and Plans” website ??? Do you mean models, or what is the difference of “Designs” and “Models” ???

You can make multiple models in the same design, but you can only have 2 designs at a time. It’s what you see on the Discover and the Designs pages of the app. You can delete them and create new ones though.

Thanks for the answer, but what is the use of making Designs when I have to delete them afterwards, if I make a design I like to keep it of course. I will put a lot of effort in learning Shapr3D, so what is the use of it when I have to trow away my designs before I can make new ones ???

Or is it possible to save my designs to the Shapr3D cloud, to keep them or do I have them physically delete them, before I can start designing models again in Shapr3D, I have to know this before I start learning and put a lot of effort in learning. I already know that I not will upgrade to Pro, because of the price and because I am only planning to use it for my ship modeling hobby.

No, designs are synchronized between the local storage and the cloud, meaning if you delete something locally, it will be deleted form the cloud too.

It’s a paywall like any others, it gives you a peak to what the software is capable, then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth for you or not.

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Ok, thanks again. So in that case it is not worth learning the program, very pity, I would have liked it for my modeling hobby !!