Freeform Surface tool gone?

Hi, I just got a new IPad Pro and installed Shapr3d. I have watched previous videos & really wanted to use the freeform surface tool but it no longer in the new release?

It was available till version 2.2.6, but we have removed the Freeform Surface tool from Shapr3D 3.0 (released early December 2017).

We have plans to include it again, but don’t have an ETA when it will be available.

We will give you something much more powerful than the freeform surface tool really soon.


I hope you can offer the new feature soon as the freeform surface tool was one of the main reasons for getting the IPad Pro & Apple Pencil, I’m really disappointed it’s gone. Shapr3D was the first thing I installed!

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Unfortunately it wasn’t that great - we removed it for a reason. Stay tuned, cool stuff are coming.


Hi, How is the replacement for the freeform surface tool coming along? Unfortunately I cancelled my pro subscription when I found this feature had been removed.

Also regarding smoothness of rendering of splined objects, do you have any plans to improve as for the kind of objects I am creating it looks really bad?

I’m really waiting for this feature too :slightly_smiling_face:
Since now Shapr3D is Parasolid based I believe that the new “free transform” tool will be pretty great

Hi - it’s still on the roadmap, but not in our short-term plans.

However, we have a quite neat feature in development, that will be a big help in creating more organic bodies. I’ll keep you posted on the development :slight_smile:


Hello to all

Is it still on the road map? After the release of macOS App.

I have found a CAD program that has great tools for freeforms (Surface). Would be great if Shapr3D would get inspiration here.

Especially the seamless update after the sketch modification, that would be great in the normal Solid mode of Shapr3D too.