Help me for freeform surface

Hi, how do I find this option? I have the pro version but I can’t find it.image

Freeform surface

That feature has been removed from the 3.0, because it was not very useful, but soon much better freeform modeling options will be added to the app.


When :slightly_smiling_face:… and what kind of freeform modeling tools? Are they going to be Rhino-like or Solidworks-like. Are we going to have surface modeling possibilities as well (and not only solid modeling options)?
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They are going to be Shapr like :wink:

More info coming soon :slight_smile:


… and what about surface modeling…?


We think that with the upcoming improvements, you won’t really need traditional surface modeling, or at least 99% of the problems that you would traditionally solve with surface modeling will be addressable.

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Ok, sounds great. Thanks!


Any update on free form modelling option?

Hi - We haven’t added a specific tool for freeform modeling yet, but since the conversation above, we have added “Moving edges”, which allows you pretty big freedom in terms of creating freeform surfaces:

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Great stuff! Thanks for the info Daniel.