Problem with spline and CVs dissapearing

it seems that the is a bug in the spline tool because it looses CVs


Huh, that’s a good catch, thanks! I will look into this, will be fixed in the next release.

Just fixed it, thanks again, these kind of feedbacks are very useful.

U are welcome! This is a pretty great app already!

there is currently no way to split trim or join curves?
Or draw a spline tangent out of a line/arc/spline?

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Currently: no, but in a few weeks: YES! :slightly_smiling:
The roadmap for the next few weeks:

Implemented already, and will be in the next build:

  • regular views (top, bottom, left, right, front, back)
  • predefined grids to xy, yz, zx
    -setting pivot center for transforms
    -more transform tools (move from to, mirror, rotate around axis)

Coming after the next release:
-primitive shapes
-primitive curves
-curve operations (trimming, filleting)
Who knows what else :slightly_smiling:

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Oh I would have plenty to add for what else lol.

This is a great step forward. This application reminds me of MOI 3D.

I am a long time Rhino user and while it is powerful, I feel it makes things to
complicated to many tools for specific tasks.

MOI cuts that down nicely to what you want and only need!
Obviously many tools are missing but for ideation MOI is spot on.

And I see your app going the same nice fluid way:

Just the chamfer fillet drag direction is one of those smart choices.

Curve network, G2 Blend, G2 Fillet would be very welcome tools.
I often find many of these apps stop at G1 and as a designer this is the least
attractive surface detail.

Maybe also the ability to have zebra and an env map projected onto the product.
The GPU of the iPadPro is now quite powerful.

I sent you an email with a tutorial to the freeform surface tool, check it out. The freeform surface tool is basically a curve network.

Yeah, probably we will have advanced continuity controls later.

Zebra rendering could be implemented quite easily, we will do it in the next few months.


This is amazing.

BTW Autodesk gave up on this with their attempt.

I love seeing this tool as I know it somewhat from Catia.


It is quite experimental, but already quite awesome stuff can be done with it.

yeah this are very comples shapes and it handles it quite well.

I would love to see someone making something with it :slight_smile: (HINT!)

What does it like and not? I can get some funny results :wink:

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Haha… :smiley: If you add more contours, it will result better surfaces.

BTW, thanks for your report… It helped me to track down some hard to find issues in the freeform surface tool, and thanks to you, I could fix it, and now the entire freeform surface tool has just became much better:

The fix will be included in the next release

Can you push out an update ? The. Problem with the spline tool makes me not use it.

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We are working on the next release. Probably we will push it out on Monday.

Yuhu! Thank you for the note.

So we fixed a lot of bugs in the freeform tool, now it can make some pretty cools stuff by simply adding a few contours, it will be included in the upcoming release



This is incredible to see - cannot wait till I can test it!

You can start with non-planar surfaces as well:

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