Freeform with straight lines possible? Tetrahedon

Hi Istvan!
First, I have to say your app is killer good!!!
Now to my question - is it possible to also work with straight lines with the freeform tool?

I would like to build a uneven (rather flat) tetrahedon - I just can’t figure out how to do that?
I saw a small tutorial on how to build a pyramid but thats not quite the same!

Would be great if you could help?!

Nice greetings,

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Currently it is not, but we are working on major improvements on the freeform surface tool.

Thanks ver much for quick reply!!
This is the deboss shape that I want to imprint (substract) from a cube for instance.

It would be great if you I could draw the basic contruction and the select the three
lines that meet in the middle of the triangles and then just pull them down…

Nice greetings, Florian

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