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I have a question: If I have a complex decoration, how can I put it on the face of the modelor on the model with the decoration emerging from the face?
for example:

Hi! You can use a Vector Graphics illustrator program, e.g. Adboe Illustrator (AI) for ipad, to generate a 2D map that follows the verticies and edges of your face. You can then import that file into Shapr3D and project onto a body.

In my experience there is no flawless way to do this though since Vectorisation isn’t perfect. If your picture has super clear black lines on a white background you’ll get mostly perfect results using AI, but for more complex structures you’ll get some errors.

The slow way wold be to import the picture onto Shapr3D and basically fill out the picture.

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Thank you so much, I hope someday I can drawing on Shapr3D like on paper.