From spline to surface

I’m trying to create an irregular circle and turn it into a printable object. So that,

  • It is round but not circular
  • It isn’t a disc, but an actual circle of around 1mm thickness

Do you create two odd discs on extruding the other, or is there a way to turn the gap between to circles into a surface?

Is there a tutorial on how to mirror a spline to create a surface?

I think you might want to look at the loft tool. Not sure, but it sounds like what you want.

Hi @thepian Welcome to the Forum.
In this Clip A Spline is turned into a 1mm thick disk simply by Extrusion.

As @penguin3d advised it could be created by Lofting, and this allows variations on the Extrusion method:

What ever Shape is used it MUST be a Closed Shape, i.e., displaying a Light Blue fill.

If you need any more help just shout.

Happy S3Ding.